Storm Prep

No gas. No water. No sandbags. No plywood. No propane. No more generators. That was the condition of Central Florida leading up to hurricane Irma. Everything was sold out and people were in preparation for the largest hurricane to ever come out of the Atlantic Ocean.  Some were being pro-active to make sure they had everything they needed while others were panicking and trying to buy the entire store because they thought the world was coming to an end. No matter what the state of a particular person was in regards to hurricane Irma, here’s the truth: People were in preparation for a storm. After getting my sandbags, going to four different stores to find out there was no water, and now sitting in my closet with my wife and kids during a tornado warning, I couldn’t stop thinking about how this relates to the storms we face in our lives and how we can be prepared before the storms come. Here are just a couple thoughts:



  1. Build a strong foundation- In Matthew 7:24-27 Jesus compares two lives at the end of the Sermon on the Mount. Both people build, they both hear Jesus teaching, and they both experience the same circumstances. The difference between them is one didn’t just hear the teachings of Jesus; he applied it and lived his life according to it. Because his foundation was built on God’s Word, he still stood up after the storm of life came.


  1. Don’t put off what needs to be fixed- Storms expose the weak areas in our lives sometimes leading to more damage in the end. If you are aware of the areas in your life that need to be fixed, start working on them now. All through scripture we see people crying out to God for His help in their weakness. We should be no different.


  1. Seek wisdom before the storm- While many of us were glued to our phones or TV listening to the meteorologist as we prepared and acted off of what they said in regards to the hurricane, our lives should be no different. God has put people in our lives that have more maturity, experience, and knowledge. Allow them to speak into your life so you are prepared before the storm comes.


Following Jesus doesn’t mean our life will be storm free, but obeying His words makes us storm proof!



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